Corporate Legal Services

Brookshire is a full service legal solution. We are dedicated to offering the legal services and resources to help business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s and other corporate staff operate and function with the peace of mind that all of your legal situations are being handled appropriately according to local, state, and federal law.

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What We Offer


Business Litigation Advice

Business litigation is a complex field which can cost a company a lot of money if they end up embroiled in a case. For many companies litigation is a constant fear. They have to worry about cases brought against them by their competitors, their employees, customers and suppliers for a whole range of things. There is legislation to comply with, and the potential for court cases it the rules there are not followed.

Many lawyers will offer basic business litigation advice for a one time fee, before you take them on fully to represent your case. So, talk to us and see what we can do for you.


Real Estate Law

Renting property
Real estate law governs what you can or you cannot do as a tenant and also governs the limitations of your landlord. Each state has its own set of real estate laws regarding landlord-tenant relationships. Knowing these rules will help you ensure you are not taken advantage of.

To be a realtor or property agent, you need to be licensed and regulated by the state. There are many things that will determine whether you qualify to be licensed. Real estate law will tell you what you require.

Zoning districts are created by both the state and city and determine what can or cannot happen within them. Cities are usually zoned into residential and business districts and are at times enforced more strictly.

Yard sales have even been shut down for carrying out business in residential zones even though this enforcement of real estate law is relatively rare.


Criminal Defense Law

When you are in court defending yourself against criminal charges, you need someone to take your side, and that’s exactly what a criminal defense lawyer would do. Their job is to make sure that your side of the case is heard and that you are represented fairly. They work to help you to get your side across, and they will highlight any inconsistencies or issues where the law was not properly obeyed in the bringing of the prosecution’s case. If you work with your lawyer openly and honestly, they can help you to get fair and just treatment.


Accident Claims

Accidents claims involve claiming compensation for injuries sustained in any type of accident that was not your fault. The claims can be made against a business owner, employer, or a driver of a vehicle depending on how caused the accident.

There are different types of accidents claims including work accident claims, industrial accident compensation claims, and car accident claims. Work accident claims are related to injuries at the workplace and usually caused by poor safety standards.

Industrial accident claims are claims associated with injuries sustained in industrial environments e.g. warehouses, construction sites and factories. They can also be associated with long-term exposure to chemicals and harmful substances e.g. asbestos, lead etc. caused by industrial conditions.

Car accident claims are claims related to injuries caused by collisions with cars, pedestrians or cyclists. They cover a broad range of injuries including whiplash, head injuries etc.

Whether you are involved in an accident or an accident occurred on your property, and you are being held liable, we can help!